Donkey Kong 64 (ドンキーコング64)

Donkey Kong 64 is a 3D platforming adventure game in which the player, as Donkey Kong and his friends, explores an island and collects items to progress through minigames and puzzles. The game follows a traditional storyline for the series: King K. Rool and his reptilian Kremlings invade the idyllic DK Isle and kidnap Donkey Kong’s friends, planning to power up their Blast-O-Matic weapon and destroy the island. After a tutorial, the player embarks as Donkey Kong to rescue the others from their kidnappers and stop K. Rool’s plan. While exploring the in-game world and completing puzzle minigames, the player collects two types of bananas: normal bananas, which are colored differently for each Kong character, award the player with banana medals and can be traded for access to each world’s boss fight; and golden bananas, a certain number of which are required to unlock each new in-game world. The game features a total of 3,821 collectibles, though only 281 are required to complete it.

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Cart and box are in great condition, and include all manuals/inserts. Also includes two trading cards that came with the original game, which are sealed/brand new.

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Release: December 10, 1999 (JP)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Genre: Platform, adventure
Region: NTSC-JP


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