Tetris (テトリス)

Tetris (Japanese: テトリス) is a puzzle video game for the Game Boy released in 1989. It is a portable version of Alexey Pajitnov’s original Tetris and it was bundled in the North American and European releases of the Game Boy itself. It is the first game to have been compatible with the Game Link Cable, a pack-in accessory that allows two Game Boys to link together for multiplayer purposes. A colorized remake of the game was released on the Game Boy Color entitled Tetris DX (テトリス デラックスTetorisu Derakkusu). A Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version of Tetris was released in December 2011 and it lacked the multiplayer functionality. It was delisted from the Nintendo eShop after December 31, 2014.

Product notes

Box has some denting, and manual has a few folds. Refer to photos.

Product information

Release: October 21, 1998 (JP)
Platform: Game Boy
Genre: Puzzle
Region: NTSC-JP


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